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HELIUM MASS SPECTROMETER LEAK DETECTORS. LACO's suite of TITANTEST™ Helium Mass Spectrometer Leak Detectors bring you powerful solutions targeting the unique challenges of today's leak testing applications. Meet the demands of your leak testing process with a feature-rich design and an unparalleled choice of options and accessories.

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This ranges from Robot Helium Sniffing to High Speed Helium Leak Testing and to High Vacuum Helium Leak Testing. The helium mass spectrometer, although much more robust these days, is really a laboratory piece of equipment that can be used in production. They generally do not like knocks, shocks or being switched on and off repeatedly.

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Helium Leak Testing, Inc. offers state-of-the-art helium leak testing equipment, maintenance and repairs. Our qualified technicians can provide maintenance and repair services on all models of helium leak detectors. No matter your industry, we have the testing supplies you need.

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A helium leak detector, also known as a Mass Spectrometer Leak Detector (MSLD), is used to locate and measure the size of leaks into or out of a system or containing device. The tracer gas, helium, is introduced to a test part that is connected to the leak detector.

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Helium Mass Spectrometry Leak Detection Equipment is used to find extremely fine leaks in individual components or larger volumes, the helium gas is used as a tracer gas and its concentration is measured from the leak path.

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Fundamentals of Leak Detection In order to achieve an overview of the correlation between the geometric size of the hole and the associated leak rate it is possible to operate on the basis of the following, rough estimate: A circular hole with a diameter D = 1 cm in the wall of a vacuum vessel is closed with a valve. Atmospheric

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Dec 01, 2008· The new MS-60 series is the most advanced portable helium leak detector in the industry, offering the highest sensitivity and fastest test-time. The MS series utilizes VIC's proven dual magnetic sector helium mass spectrometer for accurate and error-free operation. Special features of the MS-60 Leak Detector include:

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The mechanism that enables leak testing using helium is the helium mass spectrometer which, at its core, is simply an air sampling tool that takes accurate measurements, using a series of pumps, to quantitatively measure the amount of helium in, around or leaking from a …

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High sensitivity portable helium leak detector/mass spectrometer/With Wet or Dry External Foreline/Roughing Pump, Mobile Cart and Touch-Screen Graphical User Interface.

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The detection of these defects involves the use of a light tracer gas which is capable of locating even the smallest leak quickly. The turnkey SIMS 1284+ unit, offered by LDA, Inc., measures the helium flow rate escaping from the test package through any and all leaks that are present thanks to a calibrated helium-specific mass spectrometer.

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Nov 18, 2010· Leak detection is normally carried out using a helium mass spectrometer leak detector. The mass spectrometer head operates by ionizing the background gas and accelerating the ions through a magnetic field to separate them by mass. A narrow slit is positioned to pass only mass 4 …

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In applications where leak rates of components or systems are evaluated against a leak rate requirement, the uncertainty of the measured leak rate must be included in the reported result. However, in the helium mass spectrometer leak detection method, the sensitivity, or resolution, of the instrument is often the only component of

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There are many more leak detection methods but none of them is as accurate (localization and quantification) as helium leak detection method. Principle of helium leak detector The Mass Spectrometer Leak Detector is a complete system for localization and measuring of leaks inside or outside of a product.

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Sep 18, 2015· The power plant personnel knew that we could perform helium leak detection with a mass spectrometer on condenser systems, condenser tubes, and pressurized systems such as hydrogen cooled generators. The thought then was to use the same process of mass spectrometry leak detection, but on an underground piping system.

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A mass spectrometer gas analyzer can be used in tracer gas leak testing to detect helium or hydrogen escaping from a micro-leak. TracerMate CS Leak Test Instrument The CTS Sentinel TracerMate CS instrument is our all-in-one tracer gas leak test system.

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Leak testing steam turbine generator systems is one of our specialties and can lead to a more cost effective operation. Helium Leak Testing, Inc. can also provide leak testing services for high vacuum equipment such as UHV chambers, process & heat treating systems and semiconductor systems.

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Jul 30, 2014· When it comes to finding leaks in your furnace, it can be a true art form. One of Ipsen's most common customer questions concerns how to find a leak using a helium mass spectrometer. This video ...


HELIUM MASS SPECTROMETER (MS-) LEAK DETECTION . Helium leak detection systems work as follows: He is introduced to a test part that is connected to the leak detector. The helium travels through leak into the leak detector, its partial pressure is senzed respectively measured and results are displayed on istrument as flow rate.

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A helium leak detector makes use of a vacuum chamber comprising a sealed, helium- filled container. If Helium leaks out of the container, the mass spectrometer detects the leakage as well as the rate at which the leakage occurs. Design of a helium leak detector

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HELIUM LEAK TESTING. Helium Leak Testing is the most sensitive of the common leak testing methods, and covers a wide range of methods that utilize a helium mass spectrometer leak detector such as LACO's TITANTEST™ helium leak detector. These methods can be implemented in simple, manually-operated bench-top systems or in highly automated high volume production systems.

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Helium leak detectors, also referred to as HLD or mass spectrometers, locate and analyze leaks in systems or devices with helium. Helium is a small, inert, light molecule ideal for use as a tracer gas in the detection of micro leaks, and has the added benefit …

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View the Varian VS MD301 Portable Helium Mass Spectrometer Leak Detector Varian's VS MD30 Portable Helium Mass Spectrometer Leak Detector offers an advanced user interface, composed of a TFT-LCD graphic display that includes a touch panel and two hard buttons for VENT and TEST.

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Discover Agilent's Mobile Helium Leak Detector, HLD MD15, dry scroll pumped (15m 3 /hr). Choose this configuration for additional oil-free pumping, or if you need a shared instrument to be mobile. Extremely quiet, ideal for lab environments or quiet workspaces. Optimized leak testing methods & solutions.

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We sell, rent and service new, used and rebuilt helium leak detectors including a broad range of models from adixen, Agilent, Alcatel, Edwards, Leybold, Pfeiffer Vacuum, Varian, VEECO and VIC. We carry bench top, compact, portable, multipurpose, high performance, full console, and sniffing models. Leak testing accessories, leak standards, filaments, sources, probes are also in […]

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Applied Technical Services is equipped with the precise instrumentation necessary for performing and detecting even the smallest leaks on your critical components. ATS also has the capabilities to perform helium mass spectrometer leak detection (HMSLD) testing in the field.

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Mass Spectrometer Leak Testing can be done by pressurizing the test part with helium or a helium/air mixture within a test chamber then surveying the surfaces using a sniffer, which sends an air sample back to the spectrometer. Topical Outline. This examination is 4 hrs in length, having 135 questions of equal value. Principles theory

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PTB has over a decade of experience in refurbishment and sales of portable mass spectrometer helium leak detectors and now offers helium leak detector rentals in partnership with Agilent Technologies (Varian Vacuum acquired by Agilent).

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Discover Agilent's Mobile Helium Leak Detector, HLD MR15, rotary vane pumped (15m 3 /hr). Choose this configuration if you have large systems to test, need the performance of additional pumping, or need the mobility and flexibility of a shared multi-purpose instrument. Optimized leak testing methods & …

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7.2.1 Design of a leak detector with a mass spectrometer. The operating principle of quadrupole mass spectrometers is shown in chapter 6.1.2.These units are used both purely as residual gas analyzers or process gas analyzers as well as for leak detection.

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Dec 06, 2013· Helium Leak Test Metallic Bellows. ... How to Perform a Leak Check with a Helium Mass Spectrometer - Duration: 6:21. Ipsen ... Leak detector ASM 390 and ASM 392 from Pfeiffer Vacuum in ...